Vegetarian cookbook for students: 120 top recipes



★★The vegetarian cookbook for students, bargain hunters and beginners

120 selected vegan and vegetarian recipes★★

Enjoy these easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipes. They are great for beginners. But advanced users will also enjoy the recipes.
Would you like to prepare new and healthy recipes?
Do you want to try vegetarian, meat-free alternative recipes?
You don’t want to stand in the kitchen for hours?
Do you want to use tried and tested recipes and rely on tried and tested?
No problem! In this large cookbook you will find my 120 favorite vegetarian recipes. This cookbook gives you inspiration that will help you to eat healthy, inexpensive and balanced. Above all, these recipes are kept simple, without exotic ingredients and usually very quick to make.

In this book you will find great recipes in different categories:
Categories – vegetarian recipes:
Main courses
Do not miss this chance. Great vegetarian, healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes want to be discovered! You will see that these healthy recipes will bring new zest to your kitchen.


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