Vegan: 101 Delicious Chocolate Vegan Diet Recipes to supplement a Vegetarian and Raw Vegan Lifestyle



Are you a vegan who loves chocolate? Or just a lover of chocolate but wants to eat healthier?

Then Read Below

The Vegan diet is one of the best ways to improve your health and save the environment. However, one of the biggest problems with Veganism is having to sacrifice the most delicious foods on the planet. Is a healthy life worth living without these heavenly foods? Traditionally, veganism has been associated with eating raw vegetables. However, it is completely possible to enjoy the world’s greatest delights without sacrificing your Vegan values.

Don’t go without one of life’s greatest pleasures – CHOCOLATE. Let this book open your mind to the possibilities of Vegan Chocolate recipes.

Here are the highlights of this vegan cookbook:

  • 3 Ways a vegan diet improves your long term health and benefits the eco-system.
  • How to add Vegan Chocolate to your breakfast
  • Add Vegan Chocolate Cakes, Ice-Creams, Frostings and Smoothies to your family Desserts
  • 6 Different Varieties of Vegan Chocolate Shakes
  • How to make Vegan Chocolate Candies for Halloween

Why is this book special?

What differentiates this vegan dessert cookbook from other vegan dessert books is it gives you a vegan chocolate recipe for every occasion. You can have a vegan chocolate pancake for breakfast and a vegan chocolate cake for lunch desert; and also a vegan chocolate shake/cake at the end of dinner. It is also healthy on the body and the environment. It is more comprehensive than other similar books. “101 Chocolate Vegan Recipes” also wants to make sure that you can be vegan and still enjoy your favorite vegan desserts.

Even if you have no intention of being a vegan and just want to healthier chocolate recipes, you will gain a lot from this book.

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